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Staff & Chairpersons

Reverend Stephanie Schlimm, Pastor

Email: pastorstephanie.umc@gmail.com

Office Phone: 563-582-4543





Emmy Kubatzke, Director of Children, Youth, and Media Ministries

Email: dbqstlukeskids@gmail.com

Office Phone: 563-582-4543







oraOra Uzel, Administrative Assistant

Email: dbqstluke@gmail.com

Office Phone: 563-582-4543

Fax: 563-239-9010





  • Dr. Charles Barland, Organist

  • Amy Streck, Pianist

  • Keith Rippe, St. Luke’s Singers

  • Dr. Charles Barland, Chancel Choir

  • R.R.S. Stewart, Chimers

  • Heather Williams, Children’s Choir

  • David Patterson, JuBELLation Ringers


Church Council

  • Vicki Tilson, Church Council Chair

  • Kristen Smith, Recording Secretary

  • Amy Schadle, Treasurer

Administrative Committee Chairs

  • Kristen Cadman, Trustees

  • Rich Young, Scott Zartman, Finance (interim)

  • Dan Jacobsen, SPRC

Council on Ministries Facilitators

  • Invitation & Welcome

    • Lisa Viertel & Chris Kohlmann

  • Worship & Celebration

    • Sue Hattel

  • Care & Compassion 

    • Margie Breese

  • Spiritual Growth & Discipleship 

    • (Vacant)

    Witness & Service

    • Community Outreach

    • Wading Pool Facilitator, Grant Ministry Team   Mary Purdy

    • Social Justice   R.R.S. Stewart, Terry Stewart

    • Conference & Global   Rev. Robert & Mary Armstrong

  • United Methodist Women (UMW)

    • Marcia Young


Other Chairs

Ann Duchow & David Patterson, Fabulous Friday Concerts

Carol Clark, Contributions

Paul Clark, Chris Kohlmann, Technology

Dan Jacobsen, Mountain T.O.P.

Betty Phillips, Barb Bishop, R.R.S. Stewart, Historians

Marcia Young, Food for the Soul & Bread Run


Other Staff

Chuck Lynch, Custodian

Nursery: Laney Hermsen, Katrya Lessman, Anezka Lungwitz, Hannah Thill